Designer Michaela Malin's new collection deals with the world of fantasy. The times are post-world pandemic, and the mind, which for a moment seemed lost, creates new worlds. Malin presents a fantastical world moving between the inner and outer spheres, where each of the spheres reflects the inner world of the characters who have to confront a changing external reality. 

Nature is presented as a magical and secret garden and the house as a lively place. The sun, a tangible metaphor for the outside, enters the house, producing a wild and intense aesthetic, while nature echoes a cold, nocturnal romanticism - since, like the moon, it is magical, enigmatic, and mysterious. 

The characters in the collection move uniformly between the spaces, acting as a nuclear family, both living in its world while simultaneously creating it. 

The new collection's jewelry pieces are symbiotically entwined in these two spheres. They correspond with the sun with their dramatic colorfulness and with the night with their romantic nostalgia. Malin's jewelry takes on the fantastical world as if it were new conditioning for creation, allowing its wearers to move between worlds and spheres, and especially, to dare be fantastic, to be larger than life. 
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