Michaela Malin’s studio is situated in the historical 16th century Armenian monastery
in the old port of Jaffa, where she designs and creates her jewelry.

An architect by profession, Michaela Malin derives inspiration for her designs and aesthetics
from architectural forms and way of thought.
Shapes, patterns, colors and a highly keen sense of proportions are what her jewelry is all about:
creating lines of bold, sculptural, and unique pieces, each standing on its own.

Rather than following trends, Michaela Malin’s jewelry encapsulates the spirit of innovation.
Her constant search for new ways to look at jewelry design as a multifaceted architecture of
shapes, colors and materials, alongside her deep respect for the materials she works with,
is what makes her designs truly stand out.

Michaela Malin’s jewelry is regularly featured in leading international trade shows
and is sold worldwide.
Michaela Malin near her studio at Jaffa port.